The Didgeridoo Starter Pack just got better!

From the overwhelming feedback, our customers absolutely love the new Didgeridoo Starter Packs!

So, with the Christmas spirit in the air… they just got sweeter!

As a Christmas bonus, we are including a FREE CD of Ash Dargan’s “Earth Rhythms”, with every Starter Pack purchased.

and YES… we ship to every country… including yours!

The Didgeridoos in our Starter Packs are proudly 100% Australian Eucalyptus!

Here is what our customers are saying about the starter packs…

Thanks guys, my didge arrived today and it’s excellent! I can even get a nice sound out of it already. Thanks for the safe packing and speedy delivery.

Keep up the great work

Russel, Canada

Got a surprise today at work… my didgeridoo and gear were delivered. It takes me longer to get a letter sent in this country than it did for my new didge to travel half way around the world. Thanks so much! The didge is perfect and the bag is beautiful. I can’t wait to get home and get stuck into the DVD.

I will let you know my progress.

Thanks again from a very happy customer

Sarah, UK


Hey Team. Got my new Didgeridoo Starter Pack. It Rocks! Its way better than my other didgeridoos and I’m learning some new sounds off the DVD. Got the circular breathing too. Yeee Haaa! Thanks again fellas. Hope to come visit some day!

Paul, Australia

YES… We ship to every country… including yours!

100% Australian Eucalyptus Didgeridoo Starter Packs from $99 AUD

Click here to buy yours today!

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