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Sanshi & Jesse | Live Didgeridoo Concert!

November 27, 2009


Didgeridoo Breath’s latest and greatest ever concert rocked last night!

2 of Australia’s most awesome didgeridoo players, Sanshi and Jesse, performed live at Didgeridoo Breath!

Click Here to see Photos and Videos of the concert >

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Goma Concert Rocked the House!

April 6, 2009


Saturday night will be a night to remember for many! The night started with the usual intro and welcome, the stage was set with a single Didgeridoo stood across the top of an electronic mixing desk. Reviews from Byron Bay had been fantastic but no-body was ready for what was about to happen!

The venue, Didgeridoo Breath was transformed from store to space in the ours before the event.  After a brief introduction a small framed, polite faced, fit young man took his place behind the desk. Goma was in the house. The audience aged 3 to 73 made the welcome warm.

Then it started, “Cyborg” is the name of the album and Cyborg was the only description i can think of to suit the first 15 minute opening song! Absolutely amazing, in that one song the past met the future! Jaws dropped in the first 10 seconds, eyes glanced around the room, desperate to be reasured that others were hearing the same thing.

One by one people made the choice to stop fighting the unknown and join the music on a journey. One by one heads and feet began to nod and tap. Bodies loosened and the room unified in a rhythmic pulse.

Soon the seated sway could no longer be contained and one or two let out the dance crying from within! With the permission from the few a wave of movement swept across the shop floor and everybody rose to their feet and remained that way for the rest of the night.

How remarkable to be amongst a room full of all ages, sizes, shapes and colours, pulsing together. People continually connecting eyes with others sharing that same excited look that openly said ” i don’t know what i am doing or why i am doing it but i am loving every second!”

My body and face hurt from smiling, yooping!, dancin, laughing, jumping and enjoying life! Saturday night was a night that sparked, kindled and stoked fires of life and joy in many lives.

Thank you Goma for having the drive today to take Didgeridoo into tommorow. You are welcome back any time!

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Project WA-GO summary!

January 27, 2009

Howdy friends! Hope you’re all in fine and healthy form!

On Saturday 21st of January, Didgeridoo Breath hosted the Japanese didgeridoo sensations Project WA-GO, in a concert that kick started 2009 at Didge Breath in fine form! These guys were off the charts with their fresh and super funky didgeridoo jam music.

Delivering fresh, fast percussion with fat bass lines, accompanied with some super cool didgeridoo playing, these guys rocked out with super human energy and had everybody on their feet dancing their hearts out! Fully incorporating fast and powerful didge into their tracks, these guys had incredible precense and awesome character in each and every track they spat out. WA-GO had people bouncing, hopping, yelling, calling and just in general working up a mean sweat!

Incase you guys missed Project WA-GO in concert, or you’re not familiar with their music check out our Didgeridoo Breath Myspace page for an audio upload from their new album Seven Spirits! And keep your eyes and ears alert for an upload to our Youtube page of a part of the concert!
It was truly an awesome night, and we look forward to hearing from the guys at Project WA-GO again in the future!

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Didgeridoo Concert – Project WA-GO Japan

January 21, 2009

Project WAGO - Japan

This is BIG news! Project WA-GO are coming to Didge Breath for one spectacular night of awesome music! These guys are a unique tribal jam band hailing from Japan, and this is a truly fantastic privilege to have these guys play in store for us!

Project WA-GO use the didgeridoo along with percussion and incredible bass lines to deliver some of the coolest, freshest and funkiest sounds you’ll ever hear!

Come along to this must see event! It’s gunna be an awesome way to kick start the new year at Didge Breath.

Where: Didgeridoo Breath, 6 Market St, Fremantle, Western Australia
When: Sat 24th Jan
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Tickets: $10 each   **** Numbers strictly limited so come in and get your tickets while you can ****


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