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WIN A STIX DIDGERIDOO!!!! 2012 Didgeridoo Breath Tshirt Photo Competition

July 22, 2012

WIN A STIX DIDGERIDOO!!!! 2012 Didgeridoo Breath Tshirt Photo Competition


1.     If you haven’t already, click here to grab yourself a Didgeridoo Breath T-Shirt

2.     Take a photo of yourself or friend wearing the shirt in an iconic or special place

3.     Email your photo to us at

4.     We will upload your photo to our 2012 Didgeridoo Breath T-shirt Photo Competition Gallery through our  facebook page

5.     The photo that gets the most Facebook “likes” by 14th September 2012 wins (so tell your friends!)

What are you waiting for, click here to grab your Didge Breath T-Shirt, get the camera out and start clicking!

We will upload your photo as soon as we receive it so the sooner the better.


The winner will receive a brand new STIX Didgeridoo worth $AUD1500!!
2nd Place will also recieve a prize a didjeribone and bag worth $AUD150!

Go, Go, Go… and good luck!

Conditions: One Entry per person and no offensive material, nudity or sexual content


Didgeridoo Music that Tells Stories

April 24, 2009


I am introducing indigenous culture through aboriginal story-telling, art and music to teachers as part of Korean Ministry of Education English In-service Training.

I have just purchased one of your plastic didges to do some demo work with the teachers and was wondering if you could suggest appropriate didge music (not techno version) for my trainees. As I am sure they will be interested in my recommendation.



As far as story telling goes I love Ash Dargans Territory Ash is an Aboriginal Didgeridoo player and this CD tells 13 different stories from the Northern Territory. Each little story has a short description on the inside cover to help set the scene for the listener. I love it. It does have other instruments playing, all played by ash, a little percussion and flute, but the Didgeridoo is by far the dominant instrument, a wonderful album. You can hear the crocodile, see through the eye of the eagle, tread carefully around sacred ground and much more.

The other choice which is solo Didgeridoo without any other instruments is the Ash Dirt and Dust album. Not telling any distinct story but powerful raw didgeridoo playing, this is a very popular album for anybody chasing just the range of amazing sounds of the Didgeridoo.


Either of these albums I would highly recommend.


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How to raise the key of your Didgeridoo?

April 6, 2009

You can certainly raise the pitch of a didgeridoo and you are absolutely right in shortening the instrument. You can cut small slices (make sure its off the mouthpiece end), playing the didge in between each cut to check the key. You won’t need to take much off. Maybe start in half or 1cm slices. If it goes a little high, that will be ok as you can build the mouthpiece back up with beeswax. The most important thing though, is cutting the end off will make it more susceptible to cracking. Make sure you seal the exposed timber end well with a glue or varnish to stop any moisture leaking in or out.

Didgeridoo Breath Blog has moved to

We’re an online didgeridoo store that specialises in didgeridoos, aboriginal art, didgeridoo music, didgeridoo mp3 & more!

The New Look DidgeridooBreath

January 21, 2009

Our new Didgeridoo Breath logo is a view through a Didgeridoo. Yet look a little closer, can you see the unity, community, family, discovery, quality and integrity? And……..

Our logo represents us, our heart, our vision, our passion and our desire to openly share with, and serve you.

Welcome to the Didgeridoo Breath CREW!

Didgeridoo Breath Logo

PS. Tell us what you think 🙂

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