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March 7, 2014

SI Red Belly Black SI Belly

All of us here at Didgeridoo Breath were didgn’ stoked when the box of Si’s new didgeridoos arrived at the shop last week. A few us were even lucky enough to test them out straight outta the packaging.

Here is our didge test drive of the new Si RED BELLY BLACK!

First impressions first, these didgeridoos are LOUD and very POWERFUL! It is easy to get carried away playing the RED BELLY BLACK, they have an awesome clear sound, with great back pressure, when playing you just want to play faster and faster and faster.

The RED BELLY BLACK has a unique mouthpiece bowl, custom designed by Si  himself. Although most of us in the shop have been playing for quite a while, we found it incredibly easy to achieve toots on the Red Bellied Black with the added bonus of the toot matching the tone of the didge (both in the musical key of F!). There were also mentions from some staff that they found the tone reflective of traditional yidaki style.

The RED BELLY BLACK also incorporates a specialised rubber lining around the bell of the didge, which is a pretty cool addition for any busker or performer who likes to send out their didgeridoo musical medicine for all on a rough playing surface.

Come test them out for yourself if you are in the Fremantle area, or check out some of our sound samples on the product page to bear witness to the power of the RED BELLY BLACK and have some FUN!

Si’s playing style has long been associated with speed and incredible versatility, now it’s your turn. Harness the ferocity of the red belly black and get didgn’ mate!


  • Fibre-glass didgeridoo / plays smoothly with less effort
  • Rubber Bell Protector
  • 152cm / 5″2
  • 2.2kg / 4.85lbs
  • Key: F (1st Toot F)

Only 5 Hemp Didgeridoos Left

December 1, 2009

Quick… they are disappearing fast… what are you waiting for… get yours today.

Click here to check out the remaining Hemp Didgeridoos

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Hand Selected Didgeridoo Starter Packs Now Online

October 30, 2009

So you want to learn how to play the didgeridoo?

But not sure which one to get?

Congratulations… you’re in the right place! We can hand pick one for you!

didgeridoo starter beginner packs

New to the Didgeridoo Breath online store are our Hand Selected Didgeridoo Starter Packs!

The Didgeridoo Breath team is proudly the world’s biggest didgeridoo lesson provider, teaching thousands of people how to play each year. Even better news… we are specialists in finding the perfect didgeridoos for our customers.

We know what to look for and within each didgeridoo range, we can hand pick a didgeridoo for you that is easy to play, uses little air, has a clear drone, is well balanced with good back-pressure and will fast-track your didgeridoo playing!

Getting your Hand Selected Didgeridoo is easy:

  1. Visit our Didgeridoo Starter Packs
  2. Read the buyers guide at the bottom of the page to know which one to get
  3. Buy the pack you like best
  4. Let us go through our many instruments and find the best one for you
  5. That’s it! We will ship it immediately and you will be playing your new didge in no time!

Go to the Didgeridoo Starter Packs>>

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We’re an online didgeridoo store that specialises in didgeridoos, aboriginal art, didgeridoo music, didgeridoo mp3 & more!

Didgeridoo Music that Tells Stories

April 24, 2009


I am introducing indigenous culture through aboriginal story-telling, art and music to teachers as part of Korean Ministry of Education English In-service Training.

I have just purchased one of your plastic didges to do some demo work with the teachers and was wondering if you could suggest appropriate didge music (not techno version) for my trainees. As I am sure they will be interested in my recommendation.



As far as story telling goes I love Ash Dargans Territory Ash is an Aboriginal Didgeridoo player and this CD tells 13 different stories from the Northern Territory. Each little story has a short description on the inside cover to help set the scene for the listener. I love it. It does have other instruments playing, all played by ash, a little percussion and flute, but the Didgeridoo is by far the dominant instrument, a wonderful album. You can hear the crocodile, see through the eye of the eagle, tread carefully around sacred ground and much more.

The other choice which is solo Didgeridoo without any other instruments is the Ash Dirt and Dust album. Not telling any distinct story but powerful raw didgeridoo playing, this is a very popular album for anybody chasing just the range of amazing sounds of the Didgeridoo.


Either of these albums I would highly recommend.


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We’re an online didgeridoo store that specialises in didgeridoos, aboriginal art, didgeridoo music, didgeridoo mp3 & more!

Didgeridoo Breath hits the blogging world…

January 20, 2009

Welcome to Didgeridoo Breath!

Didgeridoo Breath is a real store with real people, we have been called “the Australian home of all things Didgeridoo.” A home where you can have all of your questions answered by passionate Australian living Didgeridoo people.

A home where you can learn to play the Didgeridoo, discuss its origins, culture, history and future with us. Where we can share didgeridoo life and stories together.

Check out our planets largest selection of beginner to Concert quality Didgeridoos, from a collection of Australia’s and the worlds most acclaimed Didgeridoo makers. Find didgeridoo accessories including – didgeridoo bags, stands, didgeridoo music, Cd’s and beeswax mouthpiece kits along with Aboriginal Art, craft and artifacts.

We welcome you to our home (your new home), we hope you feel our true passion here in our online store. Please, come in and look around. Have a play, join us for a concert, follow the happenings in the Didgeridoo world, take some lessons, share your thoughts, feel at home and join the Didgeridoo Breath Crew!

Thanks for finding our old blog – click here to visit the new Didgeridoo Breath blog

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