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The Didgeridoo Starter Pack just got better!

December 1, 2009

From the overwhelming feedback, our customers absolutely love the new Didgeridoo Starter Packs!

So, with the Christmas spirit in the air… they just got sweeter!

As a Christmas bonus, we are including a FREE CD of Ash Dargan’s “Earth Rhythms”, with every Starter Pack purchased.

and YES… we ship to every country… including yours!

The Didgeridoos in our Starter Packs are proudly 100% Australian Eucalyptus!

Here is what our customers are saying about the starter packs…

Thanks guys, my didge arrived today and it’s excellent! I can even get a nice sound out of it already. Thanks for the safe packing and speedy delivery.

Keep up the great work

Russel, Canada

Got a surprise today at work… my didgeridoo and gear were delivered. It takes me longer to get a letter sent in this country than it did for my new didge to travel half way around the world. Thanks so much! The didge is perfect and the bag is beautiful. I can’t wait to get home and get stuck into the DVD.

I will let you know my progress.

Thanks again from a very happy customer

Sarah, UK


Hey Team. Got my new Didgeridoo Starter Pack. It Rocks! Its way better than my other didgeridoos and I’m learning some new sounds off the DVD. Got the circular breathing too. Yeee Haaa! Thanks again fellas. Hope to come visit some day!

Paul, Australia

YES… We ship to every country… including yours!

100% Australian Eucalyptus Didgeridoo Starter Packs from $99 AUD

Click here to buy yours today!

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Hemp Didgeridoos – Now’s Your Chance!

November 27, 2009

Over 6 Billion People in the World, only 9 Hemp Didgeridoos left!

We have the last supply of the almighty hemp didgeridoos… and they are now online for you to look at, listen to, and buy!

Get your hemp didgeridoo before someone else does!

Click here to visit our Hemp Didgeridoo Shop >

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We’re an online didgeridoo store that specialises in didgeridoos, aboriginal art, didgeridoo music, didgeridoo mp3 & more!

Sanshi & Jesse | Live Didgeridoo Concert!

November 27, 2009


Didgeridoo Breath’s latest and greatest ever concert rocked last night!

2 of Australia’s most awesome didgeridoo players, Sanshi and Jesse, performed live at Didgeridoo Breath!

Click Here to see Photos and Videos of the concert >

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Your chance to own your very own Hemp Didgeridoo!

November 8, 2009


Super easy to play,

Thumping volume,

Ultra responsive,

Incredibly strong,

Unbelievable sharpness,

New realm of didgeridoo creation…

We’re talking about Hemp Didgeridoos!


Over 6 billion people in the world, only 8 Hemp Didgeridoos left! What ever you need to do… make sure you get one!

The final 8 Hemp Didgeridoos are due to land sometime in the next 3 weeks and this time we are going to load them straight onto our website for our worldwide customers.

This is what you need to do…

  1. Email us at and tell us… I want to buy a hemp didgeridoo!
  2. As soon as they land we will upload them onto our website, complete with photos and sound samples.
  3. We will email you so you will be the first in the world to know they are online.
  4. Look at them, listen to them, drool over them… then as quickly as possible… Buy Your Favourite Hemp Didgeridoo before someone else does.
  5. We will wrap it, pack it and ship it straight to you immediately.

We use DHL Worldwide Express Delivery (3-5 working days) so you will be playing your new Hemp Didgeridoo before you know it!

What are you waiting for, email us now and join the special few who play a Hemp Didgeridoos.

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Hand Selected Didgeridoo Starter Packs Now Online

October 30, 2009

So you want to learn how to play the didgeridoo?

But not sure which one to get?

Congratulations… you’re in the right place! We can hand pick one for you!

didgeridoo starter beginner packs

New to the Didgeridoo Breath online store are our Hand Selected Didgeridoo Starter Packs!

The Didgeridoo Breath team is proudly the world’s biggest didgeridoo lesson provider, teaching thousands of people how to play each year. Even better news… we are specialists in finding the perfect didgeridoos for our customers.

We know what to look for and within each didgeridoo range, we can hand pick a didgeridoo for you that is easy to play, uses little air, has a clear drone, is well balanced with good back-pressure and will fast-track your didgeridoo playing!

Getting your Hand Selected Didgeridoo is easy:

  1. Visit our Didgeridoo Starter Packs
  2. Read the buyers guide at the bottom of the page to know which one to get
  3. Buy the pack you like best
  4. Let us go through our many instruments and find the best one for you
  5. That’s it! We will ship it immediately and you will be playing your new didge in no time!

Go to the Didgeridoo Starter Packs>>

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Mark Atkins Didgeridoo Workshop

October 30, 2009

A huge thanks to Mark Atkins who dropped into Didgeridoo Breath recently and ran a didgeridoo workshop for the lucky locals!

It was a fantastic workshop, featuring the almighty strengthening technique of playing didgeridoo, submersed in a bucket of water, continuously. I was sweating just watching!

For those of you who are not familiar with Mark, he is an incredibly powerful didgeridoo player. He visits Europe every summer to perform and also run didgeridoo workshops. Mark has some music available also.

Check out Mark’s MySpace page at

Thanks again Mark, and catch you soon!

The Didge Breath Crew

Mark Atkins Didgeridoo Workshop

Mark Atkins Didgeridoo Workshop


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Hemp Didgeridoos are back… but not for long!

October 13, 2009

hemp didgeridoos at didgeridoo breath

Far out, was yesterday an exciting day!!

After over 12months of eager waiting and weekly phone calls, we finally had 12 special packages roll through the Didgeridoo Breath doors.

Looking at the shape and size of the packages, there was no mistake in guessing what they were…


Yeeeee Haaaa!

Sanshi was bursting with excitement as he tore into the packages and unwrapped these beautiful didgeridoos.

They are like no other… Loud, Powerful, and Super Easy to play!

So after about 4hrs, a gathering crowd, and lots of jamming… 7 Hemp Didgeridoos have already been claimed! We can’t believe it. Out of the 12 that arrived, in less than a day, 5 are left!

For those of you who don’t know the Hemp Didgeridoo story, these instruments are extremely rare. In fact you can count on your fingers how many are left for sale in the world.

We will do our best to get the remaining 5 (at this moment in time) online very soon so you can check them out.

Take our advice, get yourself a Hemp Didgeridoo while you can!!!


>> Click here to see this amazing Hemp Didgeridoo <<

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Take the Didgeridoo Breath online tour

May 12, 2009

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John Butler Plays Happy Drum at Didgeridoo Breath

April 28, 2009

A friendly face returned to visit us today, a regular Fremantle visitor and friend of Didgeridoo Breath for a long time. John Butler dropped through to say hi and check out the latest offerings of Didgeridoo Breath.
It didn’t take long for John and Niki to discover the newest and most amazing instrument in town, the Happy Drum.
I was upstairs in the store and I heard two “Happy Drums” being played like I had never heard them before! Cool, fast, in tune, in time, with pulsing rhythmic percussive dynamics. I almost floated out of my chair down the stairs to check out who was responsible for these sweet, happening melodies.
It was a huge pleasure and surprise to see John laughing and grooving as he pumped out some awesome “Happy Drum” improv. Within seconds Niki (drummer) and Byron (bass) joined in and that was it, game on for the next half an hour. It was happy drum heaven!
Now, I know that a man as talented as our John could make baked bean cans sound impressive, but you have no idea how easily he jumped on and played these Happy Drums.
We asked John if he was happy for us to take a short video while he was playing, and he was, so here it is…

The recording sound quality is not great, but you can see the smiles and judge for yourself if these “Happy Drums” are fun to play!
We are always thankful when John drops in, today was a quiet day in Fremantle but it was a bright day for all of us as Sanshi joined in the jam with Didgeridoo and Jesse with the egg shakers…. Yep today we had a ball. Can you feel it, I am still smiling.
Thanks John, our doors are always open, we thank you for sharing your time and music with us, today is a day to remember. Thank you Niki and Byron for your smiles, conversation and laughs> Today your company was another blessing to all of the Didgeridoo Breath Family.
John Butler is an independent artist of Global recognition, but he is also a warm and humble man to be around. If you ever get the chance to see John Butler perform live, we recommend it HIGHLY. Take the opportunity to see this incredibly talented and grounded musical inspiration play.
John has taken two “Happy Drums” with him, whether they go on tour or are for his home, friends or family, doesn’t really matter, what does matter is that we all get behind this amazing young man in his efforts to share music and message to the globe.
Again thank you John, today has been a great day for all of us, bless you.



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Didgeridoo Jam with Stevie Wonder!!

January 29, 2009

Stevie Wonder and Levi Didgeridoo Jam

For those that don’t know, back in October I had the privilege to meet and play didge with one of the world’s greatest musicians and performing artists, Stevie Wonder!!

How did this come to be?

Well in the second week of October 2008 I met a man named Joe in our store. We started chatting about the didge, music and other things when the subject of Cuba came up. He told me he really enjoyed the Cuban culture and it just so happened that I have friend from Cuba (Otto) staying with me. So I offered to introduce Otto to Joe. Otto had been dying to speak Spanish since he arrived in Oz and Joe really wanted to get an update on things in Cuba and practice his Spanish.

We chatted some more and Joe mentioned he was here for Stevie Wonders tour setting up drums and congas for the percussionist. I was amazed that Joe had such an awesome job, traveling the world setting up the percussion and hearing Stevie’s music live!!

Joe gave me his contact details for Otto to call and they could chat in Spanish etc. That weekend I called Joe for Otto and introduced them over the phone, they chatted for 10-15 minutes and then Joe asked to speak to me. He told me he would try to get a ticket for myself and Otto for the Stevie Wonder concert and he would see if he could organize a meet and greet with Mr Wonder and would let me know on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday came around and I hadn’t heard from Joe, so I thought I wouldn’t worry too much as Joe was a busy guy and had most likely forgotten to call. When suddenly about 4pm I get a call from Joe……

“Levi I spoke to some guys here and I have organized a ticket for you plus one and for Otto plus one,

Bring your didge as I may be able to organize a meet and great with Stevie, and bring your didge as you may have an opportunity to play”

WOW!! I was so excited!!It was crazy to know that in a few hours Otto, my wife Lisa, friend Zoe and I were going to see a legend perform and even get an opportunity to meet him!!

7:15pm we arrived at Burswood Dome and picked up our tickets and made a bee line straight for our seats!! Tickets in my left hand and my didge in the right, 14 rows back from the stage. Awesome!!

“Isn’t she lovely…..signed, sealed, delivered I’m yours…….Very superstitious” rang out through the air.

We clapped, danced and sang along to all the songs we knew and sheepishly hummed through the songs we weren’t so familiar with.

The concert finally came to a close and people started leaving the Dome. We stood proudly displaying the “Backstage Guest” passes adhered to our chests (or to our biceps, Zoe)and then made our way across the floor and joined a small assembly of fans and friends who were all eagerly waiting to meet Stevie.

We were then ushered down a corridor to a room backstage where there were four rows of seats set up in front of a keyboard, mic and seat. His publicist informed us that when Stevie came out we’d only be able to take one photo, shake his hand and then exit the room because Stevie was very tired as he’d flown in from London that morning and then performed. Very understandable as I’m totally knackered after an overseas flight let alone having to perform in front of thousands of people!!

One after the other, the musicians and backup singers came out and mingled with us. Many people seemed quite acquainted with the musicians already and were striking up conversations and rupturing into photo frenzies all over the place. Otto kept looking around the room for Joe. A backup singer came up to me and started chatting and advised that Stevie enjoys the didge and often pulls his out and has a play. I watched others have their photo taken and then leave the room and thought that I may not get a chance to play.

Our turn came to meet Stevie….WOOHOO!!…nervous excited and in total awe, here is the man that I’d dress up like as a kid, rocking side to side behind a keyboard while miming his songs!!

Joe introduced us to Stevie and asked if he’d mind if I played for him. I pulled out the didge and played a quick little tune and stopped.

To my surprise Stevie shook my hand and asked me to continue playing “Play some more man, play some more” he said and then asked everyone in the room to be quiet while I played. So back up to my lips the didge went and I started playing 30 seconds into it, Stevie came in on the keyboard and started playing some funky tunes while his percussionist clapped along beside us!!

Awesome the whole room stopped and watched as I jammed out with Stevie for about 3-4 minutes and not only did I get one photo, but several, which are all going straight to the pool room!!

Big THANKYOU and Blessings to Joe Addington who made this all possible, I appreciate everything you did for us.


Stevie Wonder and Levi Didgeridoo Jam

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