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Fresh new Stomp Boxes online

December 2, 2009

What a great day! We just had delivered, 6 brand new, beautifully hand-crafted, Ellis Stompboxes!

They are now all available online.

These stomp boxes are made some from stunning timbers including Jarrah, Campher Laurel, Pink Silky Oak, Tasmanian Blackwood and Marri.

Stomp boxes are such as cool way to add some serious groove to your didgeridoo playing.

Click here to check out the stompboxes online.

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John Butler Plays Happy Drum at Didgeridoo Breath

April 28, 2009

A friendly face returned to visit us today, a regular Fremantle visitor and friend of Didgeridoo Breath for a long time. John Butler dropped through to say hi and check out the latest offerings of Didgeridoo Breath.
It didn’t take long for John and Niki to discover the newest and most amazing instrument in town, the Happy Drum.
I was upstairs in the store and I heard two “Happy Drums” being played like I had never heard them before! Cool, fast, in tune, in time, with pulsing rhythmic percussive dynamics. I almost floated out of my chair down the stairs to check out who was responsible for these sweet, happening melodies.
It was a huge pleasure and surprise to see John laughing and grooving as he pumped out some awesome “Happy Drum” improv. Within seconds Niki (drummer) and Byron (bass) joined in and that was it, game on for the next half an hour. It was happy drum heaven!
Now, I know that a man as talented as our John could make baked bean cans sound impressive, but you have no idea how easily he jumped on and played these Happy Drums.
We asked John if he was happy for us to take a short video while he was playing, and he was, so here it is…

The recording sound quality is not great, but you can see the smiles and judge for yourself if these “Happy Drums” are fun to play!
We are always thankful when John drops in, today was a quiet day in Fremantle but it was a bright day for all of us as Sanshi joined in the jam with Didgeridoo and Jesse with the egg shakers…. Yep today we had a ball. Can you feel it, I am still smiling.
Thanks John, our doors are always open, we thank you for sharing your time and music with us, today is a day to remember. Thank you Niki and Byron for your smiles, conversation and laughs> Today your company was another blessing to all of the Didgeridoo Breath Family.
John Butler is an independent artist of Global recognition, but he is also a warm and humble man to be around. If you ever get the chance to see John Butler perform live, we recommend it HIGHLY. Take the opportunity to see this incredibly talented and grounded musical inspiration play.
John has taken two “Happy Drums” with him, whether they go on tour or are for his home, friends or family, doesn’t really matter, what does matter is that we all get behind this amazing young man in his efforts to share music and message to the globe.
Again thank you John, today has been a great day for all of us, bless you.



Didgeridoo Breath Blog has moved to

We’re an online didgeridoo store that specialises in didgeridoos, aboriginal art, didgeridoo music, didgeridoo mp3 & more!

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